Woodworking and DIY

I am not that good at woodworking and would classify myself as a beginner with some experience. It helps me find focus and peace.  I guess its the creation factor that has always done it for me and which I seem to not do enough of.

The Industrial Shelves

IMG_6437 (1)

This project was for a closet that once had mirrored doors and Melamine shelves.  A bit too 80s for my taste and we wanted something more modern and unique.  After some research, mostly pinterest, I kept coming across industrial designs of metal and wood (my favorite material) and used Pinterest mostly for research that led me to this design based on something similar but smaller. Thankful for the wealth of information the builder shared about size and names of the piping which I had never used.

IMG_6434 (1)

I learned a great deal from this, especially when it comes to a strong anchor for which my local DIY hardware store helped me find these dry wall anchors rated for 50 lb.


Without them, I had to brace the wall with wood nailed to the studs and it would have not looked as sleek.  Its super strong now and I feel more confident for the next project that will involve dry wall anchoring.