I guess in this era, Podcasts are slowly as important as any other media and so here are some that I think will start sharing that I have enjoyed.  I’ll try to give a brief reason for each and again, they are in no specific order.

  1. the memory palace – I came across this completely by accident and I guess its one of those great bits of serendipity.  Nate DiMeo is the creator of the show which basically gives you a short story of some otherwise forgotten historical occurrence, read by Mr. DiMeo himself in an almost hypnotic tone.   They are told so beautifully, with a bit of music in the background that adds to the melancholy of the human story which is mostly filled with Pathos.  Not all the shows are great but he is developing better skills and each story gets better.  They are short enough to listen to on a quick break and like me you will probably learn to savor it and not binge listen.  The last show I listened to was about the extraordinary story of Captain Ed Dwight, who was the first African American to be trained as an astronaut and before that a different take on the Lewis and Clark story in a Podcast called “Run-of-the-River”, each leaving me memorized and in thought for days.  There are however so many good ones that it would be unfair to make these two alone stand out.
  2. TED Radio Hour – NPR’s TED Radio Hour is a step above the TED talks you can stream.  These are shows fine tuned to bring different speakers together to cover a specific topic.  They play exerts from the talks and then interview the speaker and discuss further ideas.  All in all, its a very satisfying experience and will leave you thinking and possibly discussing the topic with others.
  3. Bill Burr’s Monday Morning Podcast – I am a fan of this man and truly enjoy his stand up.  They don’t call him comedian’s comedian for nothing.  But this podcast is totally on the opposite end of the other two mentioned above.  I don’t listen to him to necessarily learn anything new but to laugh and hear his take on the day’s events.  Granted he goes on a bout sports a little too much for my taste but when he gets going on a topic, he brings a really logical and funny take on it and you can’t help but laugh.  He totally destroys the ads that he is suppose to do to keep up the podcast and that’s why I love him, because he is not a money whore.  I think several advertisers have left him because of his little edits that frankly are some of my favorite bits.  He makes enough money and lives a comfortable life and if he shuts up, he can squeeze the advertisers for more possibly, but he don’t give a you know what.  His advise taking from his wife Nia can become hilarious and sometimes you wonder how she deals with his macho stuff.  But by far what I like about Bill is his honesty.  He seems like a good soul, even with all his Boston tough talk attitude and he genuinely likes people and what he does, albeit the Podcast at times seems a painful experience for him.  I listen to him to disconnect and sometimes recover from a bad day or when I feel just numb due to the daily repetition of tasks.  He is also part of another one called “All Things Comedy” with Al Madrigal from the Daily show that pretty good too.  They get some serious characters on that podcast.  If you haven’t seen his standup, check out Netflix, the man is funny and there is a reason his hero is George Carlin.