Great Speech & Lectures

These are some lectures that have influenced me and frankly feel lucky to have found.  I hope you may find some useful too.

  • An Evening with Ray Bradbury 2011 – As inspiring as it can get.  This master storyteller shares what influenced him and how he thinks about books and reading and pulls you into his world, even if for a few minutes.
  • Lawrence Kasdan – University of Michigan Commencement Speech (1990) – 25 years sure makes one look old quick.  This is a great little speech and a real outlook at how our image of ourselves exiting our education can change us, regardless of our grades.  Its been a while since I listened to this, but I think he actually does say “No one asked me for my GPA on job interviews”.
  • J.K. Rowlings Harvard Commencement Speech – Bullshit free zone all the way.