This is part of the excitement of having this blog.  I am finding myself wanting to add a new page as it pertains to the goal of this site, which is sharing what I find interesting and possibly worth while.  On this page, I’ll share Apps that I use that are potentially useful or interesting to others.  I am really not an App freak, but what I use, I use to a good extent, though maybe not to its full potential.  Though I am sure I will list some stuff that I will not use in a big way but might be useful for others.


  • Readability – Have you ever lost what you were reading and forgot to get back to it.  This app, which is accessible from all your devices is a great tool for marking those great articles for future reading.  I can spend my bedtime to catch up with some small reading
  • LibriVox – Audio books for free!  Yep, books that are on the public domain can be available here.  I am listening to “Call of the Wild” by Jack London right now and the only catch I can find is that different chapters can be read by different people. As a matter of fact, you can volunteer to read some yourself.  You can even download it to your computer and not just the phone.


  • MapMyFitness – User your smart phone without buying any extra gadgets.  I do like this app as it reduces one more gadget I have to sync.  I use it for hiking and it keeps track of my hikes, date and time, distance, time, location with mapping, calories, elevation graphs, pace, steps and there is a host of other stuff you can do within the site to get points or hook up heart monitor gadgets and such or even work toward improving your workouts.  Its free too.  The only negative I’ve found about it is sometimes the GPS calculates incorrectly, but it hasn’t really happened that much and the other thing is sometimes I forgot to stop it after my hike, which is kind of OK as it has this auto pause option by default that will stop time and distance, but just don’t go driving!


  • Vrse – The world of 3D used as a tool of social awareness. Before downloading this App, you might want to see this TED Talk