Everyday that goes by seems like the flickering of images on my peripheral vision on a fast motorcycle without brakes.  Sometimes the numbness is unbearable and the forces of our culture so rooted now in empty celebrities and products, as well as personal image taken few steps too far barricades me from social growth and I find myself on a lone journey seeking knowledge and understanding of our world.  I like having fun and hear and be part of the laugh of good company, but as you get older it seems like most around you start dissipating and many die under the weight of their own load and become disconnected and fueled only by entertainment or connected to others only in the Virtual world, which is only becoming more ubiquitous with new powers that will soon enter us into the world of virtual reality glasses and change the internet as we know it.

The heroes that I grew up as a young man finding himself, such as J D Salinger, Van Gough, Debussy, Beethoven, Martin Luther King, Malcom X, Frank Lloyd Wright, Picasso, Brando, Jean Cocteau, Hermann Hesse, Joseph Campbell, Visconti, Dirk Bogarde, Orson Welles, Kazan, James Dean, Matisse, Toulouse-Lautrec, John Houston, and so many more have all seemed to have slowly faded from the psyche of our generation and veneered into a past long gone, replaced only by reality shows, celebrity worship, latest digital gadgets, unfocused internet browsing, youtube and netflix addicted streaming and a general disconnect between people, especially the young.  The one thing that is so palpable to me is the desire to have things, especially the latest thing has blinded so many to the true taste of life.  Yes, not all are like this and it could be that as I get older I notice these more, but the world is not changing for the better and as many have told us ranging from Jon Stewart to Gore Vidal, the world is a worst place now.  Gore Vidal made a profound statement before his death saying he had worked towards making a better world and can’t get over how bad it has become with all the hard work of him and others like him from his generation.  It didn’t make sense to him.

This blog is an attempt to reconnect to the forces of my inspirations again.  To find and share information that makes me feel alive without it being dry and boring.  It’s the beginning of a gentle road to awakening those forces that have diminished due to years of hard work, family and possibly self involvement with material and ego and maybe even aligning myself too much with the general road everyone else is travelling on.  If it helps anyone, great and if not, I hope it leads me back to that place I felt I belonged and find that ethereal beauty that used to get me excited.

I will try to share movies, music, books, articles, artwork, personal DIY and quotes that help render an image to personal truths about myself….ourselves that might help see life with more freedom from the cultural forces and cut the puppet’s strings.  It will be in no specific order and basically how I remember and come across stuff as it needs to be organic.  If anyone gets on this page, I hope you enjoy it as much as I will in sharing it.

If you are wondering why I have Kurt Vonnegut’s picture on my main page.  I watched and read a great many articles that have made me cynical.  I realized that the power of the internet, with the massive information pool can do that quite easily.  After reading Slaughterhouse Five only recently, I was looking for some youtube lectures on the book and found one that triggered something inside of me.  The professor said that most readers these days love this book to demonstrate what is wrong and that the hipster generation has used this book and other sources to become more cynical, but the author didn’t have this goal in mind.  If anything he wanted us to feel alive and use our time wisely and to live a full life.  I also like the picture and the look he is giving the viewer, its almost as if he is thinking “You gonna do something or just stare at me in lost in your dreams…get with it with whatever canvas you are working on”

So what is this site about…its about coming back to this page and updating what it is about as the journey will have many surprises on the way.  To use technology in a way that helps wake me up more to the daily truths of our lives and tap into a real heartfelt excitement as a result.

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