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David Lynch Jan-Mar 2013 01

I can’t think creatively when my mind is busy and so much of the time with toxic stuff that don’t even matter.  It comes from nowhere and loves to dwell and dig stuff up that take power away from me and more often than not leads me to all the wrong places.  Some call this Radio Fuck and if you’ve read the Power of Now or done any meditational practice through Zen or such, you already know this well.

The Movie Director, David Lynch, discusses this phenomenon with some detail and is an advocate of meditation, especially in relation to creativity https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x5J2XCXDHB8  and also has a book called “Catching the Big Fish” which is worth a read.  Most think we just need the classic pain and suffering to produces, but he argues against it and goes as far as saying, imagine what else Vincent van Gogh could have done if he had discovered this. Some may argue this, but I am more on the believer side now. More and more, I realize the truth in creativity through a peaceful mind as it is truly a more energized, vivacious but subdued creative mind.

Peace is not eternal and is a work in progress for me.  I am not a monk or have the grace of one and can’t dedicate my life to having that peace.  But I can do what I can in my busy daily life.  I am realizing that through activities such as Yoga and meditation, I can attain this peace to a certain level and have to practice daily or as often as possible to retain this.  I am also sensitive to an organized surrounding as it also augments that peace, though I am not going to get anal about it as that defies the objective.

After my short yoga today or actually during, my imagination start kicking in for the next project, which is a shelving unit in a very narrow space and thankfully I’ve made up my mind to build this shelf. I don’t think I could have done this simple task without peace as anxiety and then confusion and frustration kicks in quick for me when it comes to researching.  I was even able to find the parts cheaper than the local hardware store, hence saving me not only money but driving after work in the rush hour to the distant Home Depot.  These flanges are the most expensive part and through supplyhouse.com, I got them at almost half the price.

I am in no way saying this works for all.  I’ve learned that trying to convince anyone is a uphill battle and you have to demonstrate that with your life and let them decide on their own.  If you affect another, great, if not, lets hope it made you happy and even more importantly peaceful.

Best of luck with your project or search and remember not to rush and overwhelm yourself.  It will come to you and you will enjoy it more that way.