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I am new to this and this is my first post and I feel a little anxious about it, so here goes nothing or something!

Much like the character of Sherlock Holmes, I find that when I am not deeply involved in a project, I can become lost and unmotivated which can lead me to unpleasant paths. After finishing the shelving unit, seen under the Woodworking and DIY page, I felt a sense of emptiness.  I have many other projects but I haven’t decided which one and none of them really have any true shape yet, just thoughts on a to do list.

Sometimes I feel like a dog chasing its own tail, because the deep satisfaction doesn’t quite come.  I feel great when I am busy doing the project and then nothing at the end.  I think some research on happiness proved that this is how many experience joy (have to find that essay).  Updating this site has been the same as I do enjoy creating and updating it for the past few days.   Although, I feel that I am putting part of myself on the blog and it feels scary for a private person like me.

However, there is this rush of incrementally sharing something which will build up over time and that could be valuable to others without any profit.  The profit driven world has created something sad to me and though communism was not exactly the right response, maybe true socialism could be.  I like what George Orwell said about Socialism “Socialism means justice and common decency… [the] present society with the worst abuses left out, and with interest centering round the same things as at present– family life, the pub, football, and local politics.”  

When you are driven by profit, you can become ugly inside and sometimes, I have seen it in faces of those so desperately running after it.  I think at any moment you have to be acceptance of losing it all. The Buddhist say “die before you die”, so that you are ready for death.  I think the same can be said about the chase after financial stability or abundance.  Be ready to lose it all if it happens and from all the news, we could be heading to some tough times again.  That is why creativity, learning and projects are so important for me because much like reading, its something tangible that can help you grow inside and that growth is real, independent of any profit motivations and one that you might even be able to accomplish with little resource, because as we all know, libraries loan free books out!

I think my next project will be a corner shelf unit with a little twist.  I am thinking of using dead tree branches but I have no idea what it will look like, only that I’ve been wanting to use something like that ever since I saw a staircase intertwined with it.  I guess its the beginning of an idea, which feels good and from my own personal experience, it will be something totally different!